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Q3 2021’s health tech funding blows previous years out of the water
October 10, 2021 - 10:49 am

The health tech investment train maintained its brisk pace as two new venture capital investment reports show even more record-breaking fundraises through the third quarter of 2021.

The data, from Rock Health and StartUp Health, outline third-quarter and full-year funding records—although both sources indicated a slight dip in month-over-month raises.

For example, Rock Health’s report on industrywide digital health funding pegged the third quarter’s fundraising total at $6.7 billion across 169 deals.

This was a fair gain over Q3 2020’s $4.2 billion but a pullback from the $8.2 billion of this year’s second quarter. Rock Health attributed the short-term decline to a dip in overall deal volume as well as a slowdown in $100 million-plus “mega deals.”

Still, the addition of digital health’s second-largest-ever fundraising quarter was more than enough to put 2021 squarely in the lead for digital health’s best-funded year to date.

By Rock Health’s tally, the first nine months alone have brought in a total $21.3 billion across 541 investment deals, dwarfing the $14.6 billion record of 2020.

Source: Fierce Healthcare

News Briefs


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