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About Us

Daily Remedy was founded in 2020. It has quickly transformed into a trusted source of editorialized healthcare content for both patients and healthcare policy experts. Readership includes federal policymakers and healthcare physician executives who lead the largest healthcare systems in the nation.

All Daily Remedy articles incorporate a blend of healthcare policy, behavioral economics, and medical research to provide unique insights on the trending healthcare topics of the day. We believe patients and the general public are intelligent enough to see beyond the rehashed content found in most healthcare articles online. We take pride in providing comprehensive, insightful analyses in our articles that are often unavailable for public consumption. Hence the phrase –

Empowering Patients, Educating the Public

Daily Remedy incorporates a blend of articles, podcasts, and surveys that together provide multiple modalities through which readers can understand healthcare issues in greater depth.

If you have any feedback on existing content or would like to have your article considered for publication, please leave a comment in the corresponding article or send an email to [email protected].

Editorial Process

Transparency and trust are paramount in healthcare. At Daily Remedy we take pride in disclosing the sources and references of all articles so readers may glean the original content from which we write our articles.

We select topics based on trending healthcare news and headlines that affect both patients and healthcare at large.

All articles are reviewed by our editorial team to ensure they provide comprehensive, unbiased information. We hold all content to the highest editorial standards, identifying when a potential conflict of interest may arise and revealing all financial disclosures when relevant.

All articles are fact-checked by the editorial team and the referenced materials are included in the articles themselves.

If you have any questions or suggestions for improvement about any published content, please leave a comment in the corresponding article, podcast, or survey.


We love feedback and we encourage you to leave comments in the articles. Your contribution not only benefits our staff but also our readers. Every comment is moderated by Daily Remedy staff to ensure that it is appropriate and relevant. As a general policy, we remove promotional content from the comments.

Daily Remedy has established itself as the go-to website for unique insights on healthcare policy, innovation, and medical philosophy. We take pride in this hard earned reputation and we consistently seek ways to improve.

Your feedback is an essential part of this improvement process.

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