Thursday, June 13, 2024
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A conversation with Kristen Ogden, patient advocate for Dr. David Bockoff

We speak with Miss Kristen Ogden, patient advocate and newly minted legal expert who has filed the first motion to intervene from a patient advocacy group on behalf of her physician, Dr. David Bockoff, in an opioid prescribing related case.

The case number is: USCA Case #23-1007.

To learn how you can file a motion to intervene on behalf of your physician who you believe is unjustly targeted by the DEA, please contact Kristen directly: [email protected].

#DEA #patient #advocacy

Daily Remedy

Daily Remedy

Dr. Jay K Joshi serves as the editor-in-chief of Daily Remedy. He is a serial entrepreneur and sought after thought-leader for matters related to healthcare innovation and medical jurisprudence. He has published articles on a variety of healthcare topics in both peer-reviewed journals and trade publications. His legal writings include amicus curiae briefs prepared for prominent federal healthcare cases.

Comments 6

  1. Jessica Ratta says:

    I want to thank Kristen Ogden for standing up for this doctor and thank you for sharing this! This is happening all across the US. Doctors are forced to stopped prescribing, fined thousands of dollars and patients are left to suffer…it is sickening…. it makes you wonder why? Is it for the money, or is there another agenda??

    • Kristen D Ogden says:

      Jessica, thank you for your comment. It does make you wonder why. And I have more questions after experiencing how this legal process against the doctor unfolds. Defense attorneys who don’t appear to really engage in working to defend their client? Expert reviewers and witnesses who show up case after case and say the same thing every time about every doctor? And, of course, the DEA Administrative Law process where the investigators, the prosecutors and the judge all are part of DEA? Where’s the justice in that?

  2. Maura Thompson says:

    Thank you, for taking the time to bring this very important matter to the forefront.
    I am a 62 yr old Chronic Pain Patient, dealing with a progressive autoimmune disease, which has no cure. I have tried EVERY method of pain control prior to starting opioid therapy.
    My rheumatologist informed me since there is no cure & I’m unable to tolerate all other medications, my only hope at living a “semi-normal” life is opioids.
    I was able to function, owned my own business, volunteered with Hospice (which was my college educated career for 30 years, until 2018. My opioid medications were reduced by 75%, & I experienced my 1st heart attack!!
    I then became bedridden, unable to walk without assistance, couldn’t shower or dress & what REALLY broke my heart, I could no longer hug my granddaughter.
    My opioids were once again reduced & I had my 2nd heart attack!! My cardiologist wrote a note for my other Doctor’s, explaining the direct correlation between increased pain causing my blood pressure to spike out of control, causing another heart attack.
    I now spend my days, fearing a third & FATAL heart attack.
    I wholeheartedly place blame on the CDC/DEA for their absolutely “unfounded” claims that opioids cause overdose!!!
    Opioids taken, as prescribed, for any painful illness, do NOT cause overdoses, ILLEGAL FENTANYL & STREET DRUGS are to blame. People who take opioids responsibly, only have HEART ATTACKS & STROKES, when they lose access to their medications. And THAT is a FACT, if anyone cares……..

  3. Candi says:

    This is sickening!!! The DEA are NOT doctors & should NOT be stopping doctors from prescribing. The DEA, CDC , other govt agency’s & anti-opiate groups, are causing way more harm than good. Leaving people in pain is horrendous & inhumane! DEA/DOJ, etc., you cannot just leave a whole country(millions) in that much pain with no equally effective alternative. You cannot just cut everyone off of the 1 thing that greatly helps them. So PLEASE STOP NOW!!!
    People need their pain reduced so they can get out of bed, go to work so they can get paid to be able to pay their bills & taxes, keep a roof over their & their families heads, by food & be a productive member of society. & because there is no other effective alternative its pushing more & more right to very dangerous & deadly illegal street drugs, causing more demand which is causing the supply to become greater, stronger & deadlier.
    This is causing even more overdoses & deaths, skyrocketing the number of deaths faster & much higher, than ever! Not to mention suicides. This is also creating more dealers & more cartels(making them stronger). The DEA/DOJ will never get rid of them when they are in greater demand. Duh! & this leaves people in pain without medicines that greatly help give back their lives to now live bedbound/homebound with NO quality of life at all & greater risk for heart attacks, strokes & other horrible & risky medical conditions. & it puts a fear of going to any doctor in them. Which is why more & more are turning to suicide too.
    There have been some coming forward & speaking up(like a coroner) that are proving this. No one is dying from prescription pain medicines. Its ALL from illegal street drugs. So DEA ……. lets just push more right to very dangerous & deadly illegal street drugs, so even more overdose & die??? Come on! Wake up!!!!! & STOP this!
    The thing is it never was about prescription pain medicines. The overdoses & deaths are & have been from illegal street drugs. The DEA/DOJ are too afraid to go after the many cartels now because for 1, those cartels are much stronger now because there are SO many of them & they are ruthless & will in turn go after the DEA’s families & kill them, if DEA/police go after & arrest them. So they turn it to Rx pain meds & doctors because its much easier, safer, quicker & they take the doctors money(so they make money) when they go after doctors(who are trying to help us). Just to make it look like they are “doing something about the opioid epidemic”.
    Let the doctors adequately prescribe to the people who need it & that will cut the demand for illegal drugs drastically. Then the only people wanting illegal drugs would be the one’s who just want to “party”. By cutting the demand, it will cut the supply & cartels. & in turn should make it easier to go after them.
    Or do like other countries & make Rx pain meds legal & over the counter like Tylenol & then I bet illegal drugs go way down. & then that puts the responsibility onto each individual, too.
    We in the US are supposed to be the most advanced in pretty much everything. Yet now we have millions worse off then in 3rd world countries, left in dire agony every minute of every hour of everyday contemplating suicide because they can’t get medicine that would greatly decrease their pain & let them live productive lives.

  4. March 30, 2023

    The DEA has been a US Government “for profit”
    disgusting organization for years and it is revolting the
    so called “news media” doesn’t have the brains or the will to report what they have been doing for years!

    Everyone should read (or contact me) the super book by Ronald Libby entitled, “The Criminalization of Medicine” of which the unfortunate Dr. David Bockoff is only one of hundreds of physicians who have been ruined for their money to be confiscated by the DEA. Good for the patient advocate !!

    • Cathy says:

      I am suffering from medical mistakes (and I was a medical professional who tried to teach people to advocate and look things up for themselves!) I have been shushed by the Dental agency, EPA and OSHA. This doc who has been suspended twice, reported again recently, and I wonder how many thrown out that were valid – yet who cares? Thanks to all who are doing their best to stand up for patients.

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Cultivate your knowledge of current healthcare events and ensure you receive the most accurate, insightful healthcare news and editorials.

*we hate spam as much as you do