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COVID-19 & Future of Healthcare


COVID-19 has made healthcare political. It is not known whether this will remain a permanent fixture in the public perception of healthcare, or wane over time.

Given that healthcare was largely politicized for over a decade leading up to the pandemic, there is reason to believe this trend will remain prevalent for at least the next few years.

The perception of this trend affects readers differently when contextualized to individual care compared to broader public policy. It seems we want greater civic engagement from physicians, healthcare experts, and patients when it comes to issues of public policy, but less oversight when it comes to individual patient care.

We see individual patient care largely as a separate issue, but inevitably overlaps between public policy and individual healthcare will occur. Not to the extent that we saw during the pandemic, but clearly we see overlaps when it comes to broader public health issues like the opioid epidemic and other presumed health crises.

The larger takeaway from the survey responses, and the disparities in how people responded to matters of public health and individual care, seems to be a clear line of demarcation – between individual freedoms to receive healthcare at an individual level and the desire for greater healthcare-focused oversight on broader public health issues.

It remains to be seen how this apparent contradiction will manifest in the years to come.



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